My name is Jeff Earls. I am from the old school mindset of being a help not just a hired hand. For the last 30+ years I've been just about every kind of employee. From Mowing lawns to security officer. One thing has always been the same. I hated being just another monkey in a barrel just hanging on to 'get by'. I wanted to help.
     So on the side I learned how to do websites for friends and churches. Started getting pretty good too. Then I went into graphics. Started getting pretty good there as well. However giving away free services never paid the bills, so I had to give up that dream. I stayed in practice with my skills with learning wherever I could. Now we get to where I am starting this 'business' of web design. My brother-in-law needed help setting up his new business site.
     Of course I jumped at the chance to use my skills. After we finished the site he was so impressed he suggested I get back into doing this for living. I said "why not" and BOOM here I am.
     What I do is great work for a very affordable price. I also know not every one can afford what the going rate for a good website costs. I will budget with you. One thing I want to stress about me is I am for the working class - ie - the small company who just needs help getting a online presence without breaking the bank. If you are interested in hearing from my brother in law just message me here
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